Real Abstraction in 1861-63.

Sheeeeeiiiitttt. I really wish I had found this passage before I handed the thesis over to the copy editor. Following Reichelt and Backhaus who describe Adorno as having an intuitive knowledge of Marx’s theory of value, you might say that his phrase about a ‘conceptuality holding sway in reality’ is mirrored in the following, which I should also add is more ammunition against people who interpret fetishism as an epistemological illusion. Real Abstraction:

“This shows, therefore, that the “VERBAL OBSERVER” understands as little of the value and the nature of money as Bailey, since both regard the independent existence of value as a scholastic invention of economists. This independent existence becomes even more evident in capital, which, in one of its aspects, can be called value in process — and since value only exists independently in money, [it can accordingly be called] money in process, as it goes through a series of processes in which it preserves itself, departs from itself, and returns to itself increased in volume. It goes without saying that the paradox of reality is also reflected in paradoxes of speech which are at variance with COMMON SENSE and with WHAT VULGARIANS MEAN AND BELIEVE they are TALKING OF. The contradictions which arise from the fact that on the basis of commodity production the labour of the individual presents itself as general social labour, and the relations of people as relations between things and as things — these contradictions are innate in the subject-matter, not in its verbal expressions.” MECW 32. 324


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