Capital in 1861-63.

Fucking ace passage on Capital, particularly the relation between dead and living labour:

“Capital is not only the result of, but the precondition for, capitalist production. Money and commodities as such are therefore latent capital, potential capital; this applies to all commodities in so far as they are convertible into money, and to money in so far as it is convertible into those commodities which constitute the elements of the capitalist process of production. Thus money — as the pure expression of the value of commodities and of the conditions of labour — is in itself as capital preposited to capitalist production. What is capital regarded not as the result of, but as the prerequisite for, the process [of production]? What makes it capital before it enters the process so that the latter merely develops its immanent character? The social framework in which it exists. The fact that living labour is confronted by past labour, activity is confronted by the product, man is confronted by things, labour is confronted by its own materialised conditions as alien, independent, self-contained subjects, personifications, in short, as someone else’s property and, in this form, as “EMPLOYERS” and “COMMANDERS” of labour itself, which they appropriate instead of being appropriated by it. The fact that value — whether it exists as money or as commodities — and in the further development the conditions of labour confront the worker as the property of other people, as independent properties, means simply that they confront him as the property of the non-worker or, at any rate, that, as a capitalist, he confronts them not as a worker but as the owner of value, etc., as the subject in which these things possess their own will, belong to themselves and are personified as independent forces. Capital as the prerequisite of production, capital, not in the form in which it emerges from the production process, but as it is before it enters it, is the contradiction in which it is confronted by labour as the labour of other people and in which capital itself, as the property of other people, confronts labour. It is the contradictory social framework which is expressed in it and which, separated from the process itself, [XV-905] expresses itself in capitalist property as such.”
MECW 32. 474

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