Fetish Character and Value in 1861-63 Continued.

What I think is another key passage that anticipates the Trinity Formula on the fetish characteristic properties of the forms of revenue in capitalism.  Here Marx again makes recourse to the religion and fetishism to describe value. But as he is more explicit here about the ontological status of these forms of value and the fetish characteristic properties they possess in capitalism, I think it becomes clear that this usage is not a straight forward analogy but an attempt to describe the peculiarity of value, which is fetishistic because the sources of land, capital and labour really do possess the power of accruing their own revenue due to the perverted way that social labour is realized in capitalism. I believe this can be seen in his description of revenue as “the fetishistic expression” of “the form of existence” of how social labour “appears’ as a “real inversion” that has the sui generis peculiar characteristics of a “fiction without fantasy.”

“the form of REVENUE and the sources of REVENUE are the most fetishistic expression of the relations of capitalist production. It is their form of existence as it appears on the surface, divorced from the hidden connections and the intermediate connecting links. Thus the land becomes the source of rent, capital the source of profit, and labour the source of wages. The distorted form in which the real inversion is expressed is naturally reproduced in the views of the agents of this mode of production. It is a kind of fiction without fantasy, a religion of the vulgar.” MECW 32 p. 449

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