Personified Things and Personification in 1861-63.

One of many passages that offer a more in depth discussion of the level of abstraction and themes also discussed in the fragmentary section of the Trinity Formula:

“Thus the participants in capitalist production live in a bewitched world and their own relationships appear to them as properties of things, as properties of the material elements of production. It is however in the last, most derivative forms — forms in which the intermediate stage has not only become invisible but has been turned into its direct opposite — that the various aspects of capital appear as the real agencies and direct representatives of production. Interest-bearing capital is personified in the MONEYED CAPITALIST, industrial capital in the INDUSTRIAL CAPITALIST, rent-bearing capital in the LANDLORD as the owner of the land, and lastly, labour in the wage worker. They enter into the competitive struggle and into the real process of production as these rigid forms, personified in independent personalities that appear at the same time to be mere representatives of personified things. Competition presupposes this externalisation. These forms conform to its nature and have come into being in the natural evolution of competition, and on the surface competition appears to be [XV-929] simply the movement of this inverted world. In so far as the inner connection asserts itself in this movement, it appears as a mysterious law.” MECW 32 514

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