The Dynamic of Social Reproduction and Subsumption.

Another summary passage, but worth highlighting, because of the notion that the inner tendency of capital gives ‘reality a form’, and the discussion of how the phases of subsumption feature in this dynamic:

“If we presuppose the capitalist mode of production as historically given, theconditions are thus given in which the means of production are constantly reproduced as capital and labour as wage labour by the production process itself, for the latter is not only a process of the production of use values†b and commodities but a process of production and reproduction of social relations, of the relations of production within which use values†b and commodities are reproduced. And indeed, reproduction takes place in such a way that on the one hand the relations of capitalist production are reproduced on a larger scale, and on the other hand their differentia specifica, their inner tendency is giving reality a form ever more adequate to the principle. Once the capitalist mode of production is itself presupposed as given, its analysis remains important even for the present theme, because the manner in which the capitalist mode of production expands (takes possession of a greater segment of the social area) and subjects to itself spheres of production as yet not subject to it, while on the other hand it proceeds from the merely formal subsumption of labour under it to labour’s real subsumption, entirely reproduces the manner in which it arises altogether. For this reason, we shall be able in this section to have constant consideration for these changes, which proceed on the basis of the capitalist mode of production itself.” mecw 34 p. 327

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