New Issue of SSPT.

The new issue of Studies and Social and Political Thought is out. Featuring a number of articles that should be of interest to readers of this blog:

Dialectic of Domination and Liberation
Chris Arthur

The Marxian Theory of Revolution as Practical Demystification
Nicholas Gray

Marx’s Distinction between the Fetish Character of the Commodity
and Fetishism
Guido Schulz

The Time of Capital and the Messianicity of Time.
Marx with Benjamin
Sami Khatib

and downloadable as free .pdf  here.

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6 Responses to New Issue of SSPT.

  1. CB says:

    I see you wrote an article too. Good job!

    • HR says:

      Thanks, CB! Truth be told I have some misgivings about the review. I wrote the first draft like two years and did a second draft a few months ago. Unfortunately, when writing the second draft, I didn’t have enough time to re-read the book, so I feel like the summary I give of Anderson’s argument is not adequate.

  2. CB says:

    As a graduate student, I was wondering what journals, and outlets you’ve found beneficial for publishing and CV boosting. I shamelessly admit, given the competitive nature of landing an academic job, I want to boost my CV. Any advice?

    • HR says:

      That’s good question, CB. I have a few suggestions, but bear in mind I don’t have a job yet. The first thing I would say is that the main goal for padding your CV should be to publish one or two articles in peer-review journals. Which you target should depend on what country you are studying in and what you are studying. (In the UK, for instance, journals are ranked so you need to concentrate on the best ones. In other countries this isn’t the case.) My suggestion for this would be to look to see where the big or good names in your field got their first publications and check to see if the journals are any good. If you already have some journals you like, target them. My second suggestion is to contact places like sspt or the marxandphilosophy review of books. Tell them you would like to do a review of a book if you already have one in mind or tell them that you are interested in doing a review. Both journals have plenty of books to review and publish them comparatively quickly. Lastly, try to go to conferences, not so much for the papers, but to meet like-minded people in the bar after the sessions are done. You do get to put the presentation on your CV, but you also get to meet people working on the same abstruse stuff as you. Lemmie know if that helps or if you have any more questions.

    • HR says:

      Oh yeah, some advice I wish I had taken, if you write each chapter in your thesis as if it were a journal article, you can submit it to journals. This will give you additional feedback and might get you published in the process.

  3. CB says:

    Well I’ve submitted a book review to M&P Review of Books, and I’m assigned a second one due in May.

    I’m attending two graduate conferences in the next month (hope those count…) to talk about the normative force behind Marx’s theory of alienation.

    Thanks for the advice HR, I’ll remember that about my thesis.

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