The Genesis of Money and its Fetish Character.

Another passage from the results discussing the constitution of money as arising from the specific conditions of capitalist social production in which a class of propertyless workers produce things which become personified ‘fetishes endowed with a will and soul of their own’ inverting and determining individual action:

“Hence what stamps money or commodities with the character of capital from the outset, even in the first process, before they have actually been converted into capital, is neither their nature as money nor their nature as commodities, nor is it the material use value these commodities have of serving as means of subsistence and means of production, but the circumstance that this money and these commodities, these meansof production and subsistence, confront labour capacity which has been denuded of all objective wealth as independent powers, personified in those who own them. The material conditions necessary for the realisation of labour are therefore themselves alienated from the worker, and appear rather as fetishes endowed with a will and a soul of their own, and commodities figure as the buyers of persons. The buyer of labour capacity is only the personification of objectified labour, which gives up part of itself to the worker, in the form of means of subsistence, in order to incorporate living labour capacity into its other part, and through this incorporation to preserve itself as a whole and grow beyond its original measure. It is not a case of the worker buying means of subsistence and means of production, but of the means of subsistence buying the worker, in order to incorporate him into the means of production.” MECW 34, p. 411

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