Indifference in ‘The Results.’

Re-reading ‘The Results’ has reminded me of the importance Marx makes of indifference in these manuscripts. I think the following passage is importance because it highlights the mutual indifference at the heart of the capital-labour relation. Furthermore, I think this notion of ‘indifference’ on the part of capital to the form it takes in valorisation does a better job of analyzing the ongoing horse meat scandal, than the substantialist analysis of Keston Sutherland that several people have drawn on. To me it does not seems that the scandal displays the squalid residue embodied in commodities — as the use of Keston’s translation of ‘Gallerte’ as ‘ … the undifferentiated mess of glue-yielding tierischen Substanzen” implies —  but rather is indicative of the limitless forms capital will take in the process of valorisation:

“Just as capital, as self-valorising value, is indifferent to the particular material shape in which it appears in the labour process, whether as steam engine, manure heap or silk, so the worker is indifferent to the particular content of his labour. His labour belongs to capital, it is merely the use value of the commodity he has sold, and he has only sold it in order to appropriate to himself money, and, with that money, the means of subsistence.” MECW 34, p. 421.

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