Contextualizing marxist-humanism.

Does anyone know of any historical work on marxist-humanism that tries to provide a social explanation for its development. What I mean by this is rather than providing the sort of explanation you often find for its development in relation to (a) the discovery of the 1844 Manuscripts or (b) a reaction to the 2nd International interpretation of Marx and/or Soviet Marxism, something that tries to explain the social conditions in which marxist-humanism was formulated and the socio-econmic problems and phenomena it addressed.

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2 Responses to Contextualizing marxist-humanism.

  1. CB says:

    MAYBE the works of Raya Dunayevskaya???

  2. G.García says:

    Maybe David Caute’s book on Communist intellectuality in France. Or maybe Mark Poster’s book on “Existential Marxism in France”.

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