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The Genesis of Money and its Fetish Character.

Another passage from the results discussing the constitution of money as arising from the specific conditions of capitalist social production in which a class of propertyless workers produce things which become personified ‘fetishes endowed with a will and soul of … Continue reading

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A succinct distinction between fetish-character and fetishism.

The following passage gives a very succinct distinction between the fetish characteristic properties things have as bearers of value in the social ontology of capital and the fetishistic analysis of political economists, who trans-historicise these conditions: “The stupidity of this … Continue reading

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Notes on Alienation in 1844 and Valorization in 1864.

I make the argument in my thesis, which I have referred to in several posts, that Marx’s critique of political economy shouldn’t just be seen in terms of a continuity with his comments on estranged labour in 1844, but that … Continue reading

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New Issue of SSPT.

The new issue of Studies and Social and Political Thought is out. Featuring a number of articles that should be of interest to readers of this blog: Dialectic of Domination and Liberation Chris Arthur The Marxian Theory of Revolution as … Continue reading

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Marx’s Negative Humanism in 1861-63.

I think the following is my favorite Marx passage on human nature. In contrast to the more famous ones, this one is entirely negative, and gives an account of humanity’s unique capacity for misery: “If man is distinguished from all … Continue reading

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The Valoristation Process in 1861-63

I include what follows because of its stress on the objectivity of the alien forms and their place in the valorization process: The term “valorisation process” is not to be taken in its previous sense as a process of the … Continue reading

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Chelsea Light Moving.

The debut LP by Thurston Moore’s new band is streaming on NPR’s website. It’s so good that I will link to it despite the tedious soporific windbaggery that constitutes most of NPR’s content. Here’s one of the tunes:

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The Dynamic of Social Reproduction and Subsumption.

Another summary passage, but worth highlighting, because of the notion that the inner tendency of capital gives ‘reality a form’, and the discussion of how the phases of subsumption feature in this dynamic: “If we presuppose the capitalist mode of … Continue reading

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Reproduction on the cheap.

Here Marx some important elements of social reproduction that cost capital nada: “The natural growth of population is one of the results of reproduction; it is firstly itself accumulation (of human beings) and secondly the prerequisite of the process of … Continue reading

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Value in 1861-63.

More passages that demand as much scrutiny as the ones on estranged labour in 1844: “If we consider first of all the relationship as it has become, value which hasbecome capital (and surplus value which has become surplus capital), and … Continue reading

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