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Engels on Easter

A few days in my old man’s factory have sufficed to bring me face to face with this beastliness, which I had rather overlooked. I had, of course, planned to stay in the huckstering business only as long as it … Continue reading

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Crisis Talk.

What follows is the transcript of the talk I gave at the crisis meeting. It went down like a lead balloon. I tried to aim the talk somewhere between critical theory experts and novices. Unfortunately, this strategy did not result … Continue reading

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Justin Trosper Interview.

Here’s a radio interview with Jtro from Unwound, Worst Case Scenario, The Young Ginns etc. and now Survival Knife.  The show also gives a good overview of Unwound’s back catalog, for those unfamiliar with the band.

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Sussex Demo Against Privatisation.

MASSIVELY bummed to be missing this: Since the occupation began the day I left Brighton, perhaps I was holding back the revolutionary potential of the Sussex student body the whole time I was there.

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Grant McLennan and Robert Forster.

The Go Betweens broke up at the end of the 80s. The band wasn’t making enough money for its members to reproduce themselves.  Forster and McLennan embarked on solo careers and the former moved to Germany. During a few of … Continue reading

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Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live.

The seminal 90s Olympia queercore band, Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live, are playing a series of shows in the Northwest this week. Although they never officially broke-up, they will be the first BTPNLSL shows  in over ten years. … Continue reading

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Helmut Reichelt-‘Neue Marx-Lekture.

A .pdf of a collection of Reichelt’s most important work can be found at the VSA website.    

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Notes on the Frankfurt School and Crisis.

What follows is the bare outline of a talk I am preparing for panel on the relevance of the Frankfurt School for the contemporary social crisis. At the moment the talk is tentatively titled — ‘The Frankfurt School and Crisis … Continue reading

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Crisis in Capital and Crisis in Capitalist Society.

Following the distinction made by Heinrich and others, it might be helpful to make a distinction between capital and capitalist society in accounts of crisis. By doing so a crisis of capital could be more strictly defined as disruption and … Continue reading

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The Tendency of ‘Dialectical’ Accounts of the Crisis to Fail.

“Nikolai Bukharin likewise fails to provide a serious account of the theory of breakdown and simply ends up with nebulous phrasemongering about ‘contradictions’. Bukharin tears all the threads that tie the breakdown of capitalism to actual tendencies of economic development … Continue reading

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