Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live.

The seminal 90s Olympia queercore band, Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live, are playing a series of shows in the Northwest this week. Although they never officially broke-up, they will be the first BTPNLSL shows  in over ten years. I am bummed to be missing them.

Hardcore was in short supply in the Sussex countryside where I lived for the last three years of high school. So my first year in college was the first time I went to hardcore shows. BTPNLSL played at the majority of these shows. Their short, intense and chaotic sets entailed pounding drums and bass that somehow held together sawing violin, shredding guitar and distinctive screeching. What’s more their sets were always topped off with some fantastic theme. they stood out. They were great. This singular aesthetic holds up on record today (although nobody has posted anything from their LP ‘I am that great and fiery Force’):

but the live experience is not given full justice on youtube, unless maybe you watch it at full blast in a sweaty throng of people:


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