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Valorization, Negativity and Need: Thoughts on Use-value

Allow me to speculate on the repercussions of different interpretations of use-value by comparing Marx and Adorno’s interpretation of the concept in reference to a social theory of domination. Put succinctly, Marx defines use-value as utility, Adorno as an undefined … Continue reading

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Vaue, use-value and things.

Interesting passage from Capital volume 1 highlighting what I think are important differences between Marx and Hegelian-Marxist interpretations of value qua reification and need. Note that that Marx does not reduce labour-power– nor the labourers who sell it– to a … Continue reading

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Thesis hand-in.

Since my student visa expired, forcing me to leave the country before I handed my thesis in, some of my friends printed it out and handed it in. This is what objectification looks like:

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Melvins Live in 1996

A full set from the cowboy era:

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Paysage D’hiver.

Some atmospheric cold black metal for the European cold snap:

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Bonefeld– ‘From humanity to nationality to bestiality: A polemic on alternatives without conclusion’

A Bonefeld talk at Glasgow with a most excellent title can be found right here.

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Holy Motherfucking Shit! I’m done! Whilst the results are far from perfect, I reckon they are good enough to pass the Viva and should hopefully serve as a good foundation for a book. Towards that end, while I will refrain … Continue reading

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Heinrich Interview.

Excellent lengthy interview with Heinrich can be found here.

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Thesis Summary.

Putting the finishing touches on the very final draft of my thesis. I’ll post it when I’m in done. In the meantime, the copy-editor was sharp enough to recommend re-writing my summary. Here it is:               This thesis presents … Continue reading

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Bellofiore–Crisis Theory and the Great Recession.

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