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Read this on the plane: ‘”Society is not composed of individuals,’” says Marx. He is right: society is not a ‘combination’, an ‘addition’ of individuals. What constitutes society is the system of social relations in which its individuals live, work … Continue reading

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Post-Write Up Depression.

Whilst the PhD writing-up period is rightly described as a period of immense stress, I hate to say that I have found what comes after it to be worse. Part of this has to do with unfortunate visa clusterfuck I’ve … Continue reading

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Come give a paper in Rome.

Two participants had to drop out of the 6th Annual Critical Theory Conference from the 6-8th of May in Rome. Please let me know if you would like to come and give a paper.

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The Death of the Death of the Left.

From minute 54, Endnotes eviscerate the historical and theoretical bases of the Playtpus credo —  

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My friend has started a great new Tumblr

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Ellen Meiksins Wood on Empire

A video from her recent talk at SOAS on ‘The Imperial Paradox: Ideologies of Empire’ —

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Marx and Pashukanis.

Berliners should check this out: Featuring talks by Arndt and a panel with Elbe and Gerstenberger that i’m going to fucking miss! (not that I would understand it, but shiiiit)

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New Heinrich Article on Crisis.

This Month’s issue of the Monthly Review has a new article by Michael Heinrich on Marx’s crisis theory: In Marx’s work, no final presentation of his theory of crisis can be found. Instead, there are various approaches to explain crises. … Continue reading

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In a strange frame of mind these days. So strange that the following made me nostalgic and homesick for the place I spent my late teens and early 20s. Despite its bollocks use of bollocks Tiqqun slogans, there are also … Continue reading

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Banaji Talk

An extemporaneous, yet typically wide-ranging and gripping talk by Banaji that ranges from his historical analysis of Indian struggle to Marx, to shopping malls, Pasolini and back:

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