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Who Shot the Sherrif?

This one’s got Paul Gilroy and some awesome footage:  

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Althusser on Capital: Abstraction and Presentation.

Two innaresting paragraph’s from Althusser’s preface to Capital: ‘scientific abstraction is not at all ‘abstract’, quite the contrary. E.g., when Marx speaks of the total social capital, no one can ‘touch it with- his hands’ ; when Marx speaks of … Continue reading

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Rock Against Racism

For all the Anti-Fascists in the streets this weekend:      

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Marx’s Theory of Value — Money and the Business Cycle.

Audio of this HM panel — April 26, 2013 With Paul Mattick Jr, Fred Moseley and Duncan Foley A panel from the Historical Materialism New York 2013 Conference. Paul Mattick Jr: The Business Cycle and Marxian Theory Fred Moseley: Money … Continue reading

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Simone de Beauvoir — ‘Why I am a feminist’.

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Gillian Rose Lectures on the Frankfurt School.

Here are a number of links to a lecture course Gillian Rose did on Lukacs, Bloch and the Frankfurt School. Whilst the quality of the recordings are rather shoddy and Rose makes many of the same arguments in her books, … Continue reading

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I passed my viva yesterday.

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Psychoanalysis Revisited

Anyone come across a translation of Adorno’s ‘psychoanalysis revisited’ or does anyone want to translate it ?

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Melvins 1988 Rehearsal

Back in the day in Aberdeen:

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Kuruma on Marx’s Theory of Crisis. has several chapters from what looks to be an interesting book by Kuruma on Marx’s theory of crisis, that stresses its systematic and unfinished nature: ‘Marx’s general grasp of crisis—as in the case of other problems he deals with—is … Continue reading

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