Now open for submissions.

This blog was originally set up in conjunction with my thesis. With any luck, that stage of research will soon be over. So I have been thinking of ways to keep this blog going without it loosing any (or more) steam. I have decided that posting other peoples work is one to do this. I’m already planning on posting some good work on Value theory and subsumption. Please let me know if you would be interested in submitting anything that reflects the interest of this blog.

About HR

Deep in the adjunct crackhole.
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2 Responses to Now open for submissions.

  1. CB says:

    I’d be happy to work with you on this if you want to convert the blog into something that offers political, philosophical, and theoretical analysis of contemporary current events (e.g. news), from a marxian perspective?

    • HR says:

      Hi CB, I’m afraid that project will demand more time than I have. You should do it.

      I’m going to keep this blog oriented around the questions and issues I’ve pursued over the last year. Since I know other people are doing good work on these issues I thought I would open it up to them.

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