REASON DISPLACES ALL LOVE: Libidinal Economising in the NEP-era Soviet Union

Most excellent paper on NEP sex policies, Freud, Rubin and Cheese.

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11 Responses to REASON DISPLACES ALL LOVE: Libidinal Economising in the NEP-era Soviet Union

  1. Anjie Zheng says:

    I’ll read this once I have a moment after the term at CUNY ends, but…. I gotta say, the topic sounds exotic and tantalizing. Kind of like the topics I see for social science/humanities papers in my own experience. I blame postmodernism (bad joke, I know), on which Michael Rectenwald writes an apt obituary:

  2. Anjie Zheng says:

    Thank God! 🙂

  3. CB says:

    Is insurgentnotes an academic journal, i.e., would it count toward my CV if I was published there?

  4. Android. says:

    I guess you could include it in your CV if you wanted. I have seen similar publications included in CVs. But it is not an academic journal.

  5. CB says:

    Any recommendations for a Marxist graduate philosophy student to aim to publish in?

  6. Anjie Zheng says:

    Agree with Android.

    Insurgent Notes not an academic journal, more like “high-brow journalism,” in Loren Goldner’s words. I should note that neither Goldner nor John Garvey (nor S. Artesian, when he was with IN) intended on IN to be an academic journal.

  7. Anjie Zheng says:

    * Insurgent Notes [is] not an academic journal […]

  8. Android. says:

    CB: as far as getting published goes only things that spring to mind would be Radical Philosophy and Marx & Philosophy Review of Books. Out of curiosity, what’s your postgrad stuff on?

    A.Z.: that was my impression too from chatting with IN (and ex-IN) types. I think they may also have had notion of it being basis for a group to develop out of. Could be wrong though on that.

    • Anjie Zheng says:

      Hey Android,

      Not wrong at all. You’re absolutely correct that IN was also meant to be a political agitational/activist/organizing group with more/less left-communist perspectives. But as things stand, IN remains a small group that publishes an online journal.

      Full disclosure: Loren’s a friend and I can’t count the number of times he’s lamented about IN’s ability (or lack thereof) to make political interventions.

  9. CB says:

    I am a graduate student working on a masters. I wrote my undergrad honors thesis on marx and human nature. I have a publication in marx and philosophy review of books, and I’m writing a second publication for them now. But I figure I can’t make my CV tons of marx and philosophy review of books only. So I’m going to stop at 2, and work in other directions.

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