Flying saucers, the process of matter and energy, science, the revolutionary and working-class struggle and the socialist future of mankind

The fictional entries in Bolano’s Nazi Literature in the Americas seem to have found a real life socialist counterpart in the Posadists. What follows is an excerpt from the pamphlet that was translated and uploaded on and reflects their bonkers substantialist Cold War and UFO brand of communist theory:

On other planets, matter could transform itself without needing to destroy its state of existence, nor its constitution as a living being. It may well not have to be reduced to ashes in order to feed something else. What is the meaning of a seed? It is matter in a primary state, which stimulates other elements and is reproduced in another form. It may be the case that among other beings, there is no need for death for the sake of reproduction. We are not saying that this is so, but it is totally possible. Energy is still used in a very mechanical, limited and rudimentary fashion. Today, we make use of the transformation of matter into energy, but not the energy that already exists in a natural state. This must be done. For example, we could suppress all oil refining, necessary to the transformation of this matter into energy. One day, energy will come from the air. Electricity is part of the structure and behaviour of matter. We profit from this because we have discovered it. But all this is very limited. Tomorrow, electricity will not be necessary. Everything that exists is energy. The condition of existence of an object is that it has energy. The organisation of the human body, the brain and other organs and senses, is that proper to Earth. On other planets it could be very different. We feed ourselves because the human organism is constituted in such a fashion as to make feeding ourselves necessary. This suits us partly for capitalism’s sake, because otherwise there would be no reason to live in submission to this system. The scientific capacity of humanity is determined by societal organisation. The organisation of society in terms of private property is very limiting, because the élan, courage and audacity it allows for are determined by the interests of individual appropriation. Our audacity is thus very limited, because it stops as soon as this interest is satisfied. If the human being goes further than this, he has the feeling of having gone too far. This societal limitation constrains the capacity of society. In socialist society, society’s capacity will be unlimited. The notion of life, existence, society, will be measured by the objective interests of life and progress. Existence and progress will be identified with one another. Notions of conservatism, parasitism, passivity, will no longer exist. Progress will be existence itself, as in the case of matter. Matter does not exist, if it does not progress and transform itself. The same is true for the life of society. It does not exist without progress. Society’s condition of existence is progress. Immediately, progress will give élan to its capacity and to its audacity, which will be a million times greater than those of the private-property system. It will not be limited or determined by what suits individual interests. All society will be there to give confidence and reassurance. Common, society-wide thought will change the forms of life. For example, in the same time that we today need to reach the Moon, we will be able to travel distances of millions of light-years.

Read the rest here.


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