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Marx/Pashukanis Plenaries.

Two plenaries from the recent Marx/Pashukanis conference in Berlin: The first with Heide Gerstenberger and Ingo Elbe: the second with Andreas Arndt:

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Heinrich’s critcism of the Secular Crisis.

The idea that the current crisis is a secular crisis has some currency in several contemporary Left currents. I reckon the analysis that underlies this is too often premised on a philosophy of history, rather than a complex historical analysis. … Continue reading

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Bonefeld on Primitive Accumulation.

Here’s a video of Bonefeld’s talk at Delavsko-punkerska univerza on ‘Primitive Accumulation and Capitalist Accumulation:’

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Bonefeld’s synthetic presuppositions.

I’ve been reading up and re-reading Bonefeld to try to anticipate what sort of problems and questions he will have with my reading of Marx and Adorno. In doing so, I came to realize the importance that the idea of … Continue reading

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Flying saucers, the process of matter and energy, science, the revolutionary and working-class struggle and the socialist future of mankind

The fictional entries in Bolano’s Nazi Literature in the Americas seem to have found a real life socialist counterpart in the Posadists. What follows is an excerpt from the pamphlet that was translated and uploaded on and reflects their … Continue reading

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REASON DISPLACES ALL LOVE: Libidinal Economising in the NEP-era Soviet Union

Most excellent paper on NEP sex policies, Freud, Rubin and Cheese.

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Now open for submissions.

This blog was originally set up in conjunction with my thesis. With any luck, that stage of research will soon be over. So I have been thinking of ways to keep this blog going without it loosing any (or more) … Continue reading

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Workshop on Subsumption

The Theory and Politics of Subsumption Workshop I Birkbeck University, London 25th May 2013, 12 – 6 pm Presentations: Max Tomba (University of Padua) – Hybrid subsumption and modern forms of slavery Christopher J. Arthur – Subsumption as a logical … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Viva.

The UK viva is an odd bird.  Unlike oral defences in other countries, you are not examined by your supervisors in the viva. Instead, your examiners appoint someone from within your university and an expert from a different University to … Continue reading

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White Boss

One of my favorite band names, with an LP that is slaying me when i write up answers to anticipated viva questions —

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