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Living Distinctions over Atrophied Oppositions: Hegel as Critic of Reification.

By what hacks who write from the perspective of empty abstraction might call a simple twist of fate,  the second in the ongoing series of guest contribution to this blog comes from Eric-John Russell, who was on a panel with … Continue reading

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Question about Habermas and Reification.

I’ve not read The Theory of Communicative Action, but I know in other places Habermas falls prey to functionalism. Am I therefore right to suspect that part of his criticism of Lukacs’ theory of reification rests on his own functionalist … Continue reading

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Works In Progress.

Its hot in Seattle. Right now its 86/30 and its meant to get hotter this week. I’ll try not to let it deter me from the mountain of work I have to do. One of the faces of this precipice … Continue reading

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On the Circularity of Revising Reification.

I’ve noticed a peculiar strategy in the slew of recent articles that attempt to rehabilitate reification. Each article points out the problems and contradictions in Lukacs’ theory. They then go on to use an aspect of this theory for their … Continue reading

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Sohn-Rethel Selected Works

Alfred Sohn-Rethel’s Selected Works The Historical Materialism book series at Brill is initiating a project to translate and publish Alfred Sohn-Rethel’s most important work. Alfred Sohn-Rethel (1899-1990) was a Marxian economist and philosopher. He is best known for developing the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Portland

Two statements Marx makes about capitalism can help to understand the type of capitalism that is prevalent in Portland. The first is part of what makes capitalism a socially specific type of social labour – the separation of production and … Continue reading

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Thinking about the Left Today

Currently reading Geoff Eley’s Forging Democracy: The History of the Left in Europe, 1850-2000. Here is a talk by Eley on his book:

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