Living Distinctions over Atrophied Oppositions: Hegel as Critic of Reification.

By what hacks who write from the perspective of empty abstraction might call a simple twist of fate,  the second in the ongoing series of guest contribution to this blog comes from Eric-John Russell, who was on a panel with Frank Engster at last year’s HM London. Russell’s contribution — ‘Living Distinctions over Atrophied Oppositions:  Hegel as Critic of Reification; — is in fact the unabridged version of the paper he gave at HM.

Although Russell’s paper is already quite good, since he will be working on the same topic for his Master’s thesis, he is eager for constructive feedback. He is specifically looking for both ‘comments which might help complicate the use I make of Lukács’ notion of reification and also where might the paper go as I expand it. I am thinking here either of additional sections of the Phenomenology or a deeper investigation into Hegel’s philosophy for anticipating the critique of political economy. The extent to which Lukács’ social ontology bears resemblance to Hegel’s might also be an area to explore, so if others had insight into this aspect would be useful as well’.

Read and comment on this prescient examination of an important subject here —Living Distinctions over Atrophied Oppositions

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2 Responses to Living Distinctions over Atrophied Oppositions: Hegel as Critic of Reification.

  1. Jeyan says:

    On a parallel note here is a post on a link between taking down of Stalin Statues in Eastern Europe and surnames in Southern part of India

  2. smiley says:

    please let eric-john russell that cholera is looking for him.

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