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Time and Subsumption.

Like ‘reification’, ‘dialectic’ and ‘totality’ before it, subsumption has become one of those terms that is fetishised. Describing something as ‘subsumed’ is often treated as so theoretically sound that no account is necessary of what this process of subsumption is … Continue reading

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Intellectual Fool

I’m a sucker for oral histories of music scenes. So last Sunday I started reading Grunge is Dead: An oral history of the Seattle Music Scene, even though I’m not a big fan of music from Seattle. So far the … Continue reading

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Adventures in the Intellectual Labour Market

I just finished my first interview for a teaching position in the USA. It did not go well, unless you define well as fumbling to come up with crap answers. Since I’m either a masochist, a sociopath, or naive enough … Continue reading

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Amalgamation and Capital.

Re-watching Deadwood, which others have recently written about in terms of its analysis of capital here and here. Unfortunately, I’m all too busy with the exciting task of trying to find adjunct teaching to add my own thoughts, but I’m … Continue reading

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Off the Pigs!

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The Last Poets

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UNAM Value Theory Conference.

Here’s a link to the papers presented at a value theory conference at UNAM in 2005 featuring the usual cast of ISMT characters and people from the UNAM school.

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Who Will Survive America ?

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