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From Thesis to Book II

For the two or three of you who may have read my thesis and are interested in how I am planning on turning it into a book, what follows is the part of the plan that I will submit to … Continue reading

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Help needed on the ASR project

Please Circulate: The editors of Alfred Sohn-Rethel’s Selected Works are looking for help preparing a new edition of Intellectual and Manual Labour. We seek someone who is fluent in English, German and Italian to write a report comparing the English, … Continue reading

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Jean Cartelier– ‘Marx’s theory of value, exchange and surplus value: a suggested reformulation’

Here is an interesting article by a French value theorist I know little about. (If you know anything about Cartelier, or his milieu, please let me know): The concept of a commodity society based on a specific division of labour … Continue reading

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The Four Levels of Abstraction of Marx’s concept of Capital

Roberto Fineschi’s contribution to the debate.

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Marx im Westen

Those who can read German should read Ingo Elbe’s Marx im Westen, which is now available for free online.

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Sohn-Rethel on Crisis

I came upon the following whilst working on a summary of IML: ‘In commodity producing societies the significance and historical necessity of the exchange abstraction in its spatio-temporal reality is that it provides the form of the social synthesis. None … Continue reading

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From Thesis to Book

I have begun to properly work on the task of turning my thesis into a book. I’d previously jotted down some thoughts on the sort of major changes I need to implement in order to turn it into a book … Continue reading

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Mudhoney Live in ’88

Back in June when I was boarding my flight from London to Seattle I noticed that someone in a sort of pork pie hat was lugging drum equipment around as his carry on bag. Since the dude looked haggard and … Continue reading

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Critical Theory and Crisis: Notes on History and Structure.

I spent the earlier part of today working on my research statement. Its a perverse enterprise that prevents me from working on my current research and encourages me to speculate on my future research. So instead of working on turning … Continue reading

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Notes on the State and Capital in Deadwood

Unless I missed it, there has been nothing written about how good Deadwood is at dramatizing the interplay between the state and capital. I reckon this happens at two levels of narrative that might be said to dramatize the international, … Continue reading

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