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New Issue of Viewpoint.

The new issue of Viewpoint, on ‘workers’ inquiry, is now up. Shit is tight !!

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Melvins Live 1992

Truly, truly excellent:  

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Capitalism and Slavery.

There is an interesting discussion of Athenian society in the Ellen Meiksins Wood Reader. Contrary to the school of historiography that depicts Athens as exemplary of the slave mode of production, Wood makes the argument that slaves worked in different … Continue reading

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The Esoteric Bolano

I have come to the realization that you can read Roberto Bolano’s work as an esoteric depiction of the trajectory of Marxism in the 20th Century. The first part of this trajectory is also the aspect of Bolano’s work that … Continue reading

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Ethics and Real Abstraction

This may have been done but it strikes me that Sohn-Rethel’s theory could be used to criticise the practice of ethical capitalism. In much the same way that Sohn-Rethel shows, and thus derives, the parallels between the exchange abstraction and … Continue reading

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