A Capital Slideshow

Valeria Bruschi, Antonella Muzzupappa, Sabine Nuss, Anne Steckner, and Ingo Stützle have provided an excellent graphic guide to Capital Volume 1:

‘For several years now, people have been starting to dust down #Marx and return to his analysis of society. This is mainly due to the social turmoil in global capitalism, weaknesses in prevailing explanations of economic relationships and the harrowing crises the world has faced since the 1990s. In particular, a younger generation of readers – untainted by former ideological battles – is starting to read #Capital. Whether in universities, educational institutions, unions, or in their own living rooms, small groups are discussing Marx’s critique of #politicaleconomy. This is exactly what #PolyluxMarx aims to support. This website provides a collection of annotated PowerPoint slides that illustrate the central arguments from Capital. We also use concise introductory texts and notes on methodology and learning to make Capital easier to read. http://www.polyluxmarx.de/en/home.html’

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