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Money as Measure, Means, and Method: Calculating with the Identity of Time

Frank Engster’s monster work on money is now out. Essential for scholars of Marx, Critical Theory, Sohn-Rethel and Value-Form Theory.

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Notes on Fetishism, History and Uncertainty: Beyond the Critique of Austerity

Originally posted on Radical Notes:
Werner Bonefeld ‘What divides these gentlemen [the French socialists] from the bourgeois apologist is, on the one side, their sensitivity to the contradictions included in the system; on the other, the utopian inability to grasp…

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Inversion and the Home Market.

Bonefeld has made the important point that the section on ‘so-called primitive accumulation’ accounts for the preconditions of the constitution of the inverted social reality of capital. Re-reading chapter 30 drew my intention to the fact that Marx also accounts … Continue reading

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Why Marx would never cut it as a Marxologist.

In ‘Second Nature: Gender in Marx’s Grundrisse,’ Amy Wendling provides this amusing anecdote about Marx’s notes on John Millar’s The Origin of the Distinction of Ranks; or, An Inquiry into the Circumstances which give rise to Influence and Authority in … Continue reading

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Capital as eternal compulsion

Another day, another interesting passage from Capital. I choose the following because it strikes me as one of the few places where the second level of Marx’s critique of political economy intersects with the first level. While there are plenty … Continue reading

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European Socialism and Communism Reader

Communist Research Cluster have put together an excellent reader that presents  ‘a history of twentieth-century communism through primary sources, divided into fourteen chapters arranged in chronological order.’ Since ‘each chapter deals with a historical moment or theoretical debate, and contains … Continue reading

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Contemporary Capitalism and Marxist Critique

On the off chance some of y’all like to spend Sunday evenings like I do, here is the first in what promises to be an excellent series of podcasts from the ‘Crisis in the Cultures of Capitalism Series Seminar at … Continue reading

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Reminder: CFP: Stream on Critical Theory and Crisis

I have only got one submission for the following. Please submit an abstract and/or circulate: Please circulate widely: Call for Papers 7th Annual Critical Theory Conference of Rome May 8-10, 2014 John Felice Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago Via … Continue reading

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Objectification and Alienation in Capital.

I think the following passage provides a lucid account of how Marx distinguishes between objectification and alienation in Capital. This distinction is different from the early theory of alienation in so far as it is not tied to a theory of … Continue reading

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Marx on consumption and reproduction.

I’ve been spending several evenings a week slowly working my way through the three volumes of Capital. The following passage struck me an effective antidote to certain lines of Marxist thought that advance theories of working-class integration based on ideological … Continue reading

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