Futures and Pasts

I thought I would start out 2014 with another apology for the lack of posts on this blarg. I feel as if I spent the last six months of 2013 tailoring cover letters for an endless series of jobs applications, which would hardly suit the purpose of this blog. (a blog on academic surplus populations on the other hand…) Some of you may be excited to hear that I have also been busy submitting proposals to publish new editions of Intellectual and Manual Labour and The Economy and Class Structure of German Fascism. I have also been working on getting Ingo Elbe’s Marx im Westen translated and will soon be launching efforts to translate Hans-georg Backhaus’ Dialektik der Wertform and Helmut Reichelt’s Zur logischen Struktur des Kapitalbegriffs bei Karl Marx. Finally, now that the avalanche of shit is beginning to subside, I will soon be able to return to my own research. I plan on writing a paper that looks at Lukacs’ theory of reification from the perspective of his comments on crisis to present in May and another that offers a new interpretation of how Marx’s utilizes de Brosses’s theory of fetishism from the perspective of the monetary theory of value. With any luck they will be published in 2014. At any rate, break out the fucking champagne, because I’m sure to be a more active blogger in the process of researching and writing these articles. In the meantime if your fiending for value-form theory, marxology etc. you should check out Marxismo Critico and if you Facebook, you might want to join the value-form theory group.

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Deep in the adjunct crackhole.
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