Colletti on the relation between science and critique

Man, I wish I could have provided this answer in my viva:

‘If Marx’s work were not both a critique of capitalism, i.e. an analysis of the internal contradictions undermining it, and at the same time an exposition and reconstruction of the way in which, despite everything, the contradictions are overcome and the system exists and functions, it would be stuck with the empty simplicity of one of the two following errors. It would either ‘demonstrate too much’; overemphasize the internal contradictions of the system and thus demonstrate not just the contradictory  nature of the existing system but also the impossibility of its existence and functioning. Or else, it would be forced to repeat the opposite error of those who, caught and impressed by the existence of the mechanism under investigation, play down and minimize its internal disequilibrium to the point of rendering its existence absolute and eternal and, therefore, fail to see why the system cannot function and last forever.


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