Contemporary Capitalism and Marxist Critique

On the off chance some of y’all like to spend Sunday evenings like I do, here is the first in what promises to be an excellent series of podcasts from the ‘Crisis in the Cultures of Capitalism Series Seminar at UC Santa Cruz:

‘To inaugurate a year of events, the Crisis in the Cultures of Capitalism research cluster is holding a panel which follows two interrelated threads. The first is the analysis of capitalism as a system, from its origins to its contemporary transformations. This analysis extends across disciplines and theoretical orientations, and one goal of this interdisciplinary panel is to represent the wide range of approaches that UCSC faculty are taking in their research into capitalism. The second thread is the reexamination of Marxist theory. Throughout its history Marxism has extended into a range of fields, from sociology to literary criticism, and has remained a crucial reference point for theory which seeks to understand social life historically. This panel will extend the historical analysis to Marxism itself, critically reexamining its evolution and its engagement with its changing social and political context.

Panelists include:

  • Miriam Greenberg, Associate Professor of Sociology: ”Crisis-Driven Urbanization and Contemporary Capitalism”
  • Jonathan Beecher, Professor Emeritus of History: ”David Riazanov and the Marx-Engels Institute”
  • Tyrus Miller, Professor of Literature, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies: “Theaters of History: Drama, Action, and Historical Agency in the Work of György Lukács
  • Neda Atanasoski, Associate Professor of Feminist Studies: “Revolutions and Networks: Technology and the Social Body after Socialism”
  • Moderated by Gopal Balakrishnan, Associate Professor of History of Consciousness’.

Find the podcast here.

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