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Heinrich on Marx’s dialectical presentation.

‘The order of the presented categories is itself the bearer of a determinate yield of information: it shows the connection of these categories, the interconnection that exists between them. Categories like the commodity, money, capital, wage-labour, and so forth, are … Continue reading

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Colletti on the relation between science and critique

Man, I wish I could have provided this answer in my viva: ‘If Marx’s work were not both a critique of capitalism, i.e. an analysis of the internal contradictions undermining it, and at the same time an exposition and reconstruction … Continue reading

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Colletti on fetishism, science and revolutionary negation.

I think the following excerpt demonstrates, not only that Colletti was an incisive reader of Marx, but that more of his work should be translated. Hopefully someone who is fluent in French, Italian and German will write what would be … Continue reading

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Communists in Situ

Is the name of an excellent new blog y’all should read.

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Futures and Pasts

I thought I would start out 2014 with another apology for the lack of posts on this blarg. I feel as if I spent the last six months of 2013 tailoring cover letters for an endless series of jobs applications, … Continue reading

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A Political Economy of Contemporary Capitalism and its Crisis: Demystifying Finance Booklaunch

This looks excellent: Book launch A Political Economy of Contemporary Capitalism and its Crisis: Demystifying Finance Dimitris P. Sotiropoulos (The Open University Business School, UK) John Milios (National Technical University of Athens) Spyros Lapatsioras (University of Crete) Discussion Panel Janette … Continue reading

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