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Marxist Humanism, Anti-Humanism and Negative Humanism.

I’m currently working on revising the HM paper on Ranciere I posted here several months ago. What began with a simple plan to touch up and expand a few bits that quickly compare Ranciere’s contribution to Reading Capital to Backhaus … Continue reading

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Capital-centric Marxism and Negative-Dialectics-centric Critical Theory: Value-Form Theory as critical social theory

Value-form theory is often criticized for its obsession with Marxological philology or for its theological attempt to logically-derive all of society from Capital. In some instances the two might even overlap. This is not the case with all value-form theory … Continue reading

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Backhaus on the signficance of Marx’s value-form analysis

‘The value-form analysis is significant in a three-fold respect: it is the point of confluence of sociology and economic theory; it inaugurates Marx’s critique of ideology and a specific theory of money which founds the primacy of the sphere of … Continue reading

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CFP Deadlining approaching

Unfortunately, I’ve got much of a response for the following, which is why I am reposting it: Call for Papers 7th Annual Critical Theory Conference of Rome May 8-10, 2014 John Felice Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago Via Massimi … Continue reading

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Perry Anderson on Adorno and Althusser

I’ll be using the following in a revised publication of my recent HM paper on Ranciere: “Adorno’s Neg­a­tive Dialec­tic, first devel­oped in lec­tures in Paris in 1961 and com­pleted in 1966, repro­duces a whole series of motifs to be found … Continue reading

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‘Capitalism is Violence and Slates is Best’

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