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Althusser on Abstraction

‘Can we draw some provisional conclusions from this long analysis of abstraction? First of all, we can say that human beings live in abstraction, under abstract relations, which control all their practices. Next, we can say that abstraction in general … Continue reading

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Method and Social Theory in Critical Theory.

I think the following passage from Horkheimer’s Traditional and Critical Theory serves as a good postscript to my earlier post on Value-Form Theory and Critical Social Theory. This is because I think it does a good job of showing how … Continue reading

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Heinrich on the State

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Heinrich in Discussion

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Lukacs, Reification and Crisis.

Preparing to write a long overdue article on Lukacs. I say long overdue because its been in planning since last summer and described in the hundred-odd cover letters I have sent out which have generally kept me too busy to … Continue reading

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State, World Market, and the Reign of False Freedom

A Contribution to the Critique of the Normal Execution of Capitalism over here.

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