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Originally posted on communists in situ:
Marxism and the Critique of Value aims to complete the critique of the value-form that was initiated by Marx. While Marx’s “esoteric” critique of value has been rediscovered from time to time by post-Marxists who…

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Reification, Crisis and Critical Social Theory

Here is the work in progress I will be presenting at the CSETPW tomorrow: The Rationalization of Isolated Activity and the irrational Whole: Lukács ,Reification and Critical Social Theory[1]   In March of 2005, Axel Honneth gave the Tanner Lectures … Continue reading

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Upcoming Talks

Excited to be giving the following upcoming talks: ‘Reification, Crisis and Critical Social Theory’, CSE Trans-Pennine Working Group, University of Leeds, Beech Grove House seminar room at 1400 on the 25th of April. “The Central, Structural Problem of Capitalist Society … Continue reading

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