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State, Capital, Crisis

A recent Gerstenberger article: The article argues that any state theory has to take into consideration the fundamental changes of the logic of power that was brought about by the advent of capitalism. While a territorial logic of power was … Continue reading

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McNally on the New Normal

An impressively bleak interview with David McNally in which explains how austerity, high unemployment and the generalization of misery will be the ‘new normal’ for the next several decades. Capitalism is the crisis, innit.

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The Wage Don’t Fit

Late on the ball, but my new favorite band: “It’s all about the struggle, and documenting the struggle,” Williamson concludes. “If you can do that in an integral way, and a powerful way – without trying to sound like a … Continue reading

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Foucault on Fetishism and Money

Finally getting around to reading Foucault’s comments on money in the recently translated lectures The Will To Know. They initially piqued my interest because I caught reference to the fact that Foucault makes the claim that forms of thought, such … Continue reading

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Jan Hoff, Interviewed

Viewpoint have published an interview with Jan Hoff on global Marxism.

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May Day School 2014

The panels on Women and Class and the Slovenian culture industry were great:

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HM Critical Theory Stream

Stream on Critical Theory: “How the Commodity Form Dies” Historical Materialism Conference 2014 “How Capitalism Survives” Eleventh Annual Historical Materialism London Conference – 6-9 November 2014 – Vernon Square, Central London More than ever the theoretical implications of Marx’s theory … Continue reading

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