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Hegel, Marx, Heston

Probably the best thing on the internet. Heston’s discussion of Geist, the master/slave relation and Marx’s critique of Hegel’s doctrine of the state (from 13:20) are sublime.

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Sotiropolous and Milios on Crisis and Fincialization

Whilst Re-reading Sotiropolous, Milios and Lapatsioras’s work on financialization, I was struck by their intriguing and counter intuitive analysis of financialization. In essence, in contrast to accounts that argue that financialization developed as a parasitic attempt to resuscitate profits in … Continue reading

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Milios on Crisis in Volume III

ON MARX’S CRISIS THEORY IN THE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT OF THE 3RD VOLUME OF CAPITAL John Milios Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, National Technical University of Athens Abstract The notion of capital overaccumulation, as constructed by Marx in Volume … Continue reading

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