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Process of Domination, the article

I finished my final edits yesterday on an article for a new journal called Black Box, which PM Press will be putting out. The article is adapted from a talk I gave last year at the Institute for the Humanities, … Continue reading

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Video accompaniment to History and Obstinacy

The Alexander Kluge Archive has a number of videos that present “points of entry” to History and Obstinacy. They even have English subtitles.

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Fetishism and natural history

The latest iteration of an article I have been developing in light of Marx’s monetary theory of value and the relation between his use of fetishism, natural history and primitive accumulation: This article posits a new interpretation of how Marx … Continue reading

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State Violence, State Control

I am dedicating this week to putting the final edits on an article based on my talk about critical theory and the domination of nature, posted here last summer. The article also draws on my article on the state in … Continue reading

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Chris Wright on my thesis

Chris Wright has been extraordinarily gracious in dedicating a series of posts to my thesis on his blog.   I have not had the time to look at them properly, but what I have seen promises to be extremely helpful … Continue reading

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Notes on the Preface to History and Obstinacy.

The preface to H&O provides a number of important definitions that frame the subsequent chapters. These definitions indicate that whilst N&K’s definition of Marxian categories are not marxologically sound, they are utilizing them in an expansive way, to analyze the … Continue reading

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Notes on History and Obstinacy I

I finished reading History and Obstinacy yesterday. Since I read it in bits in pieces on the bus during term time, I didn’t give it the close reading it deserves. So I am going to re-read it and post reflections … Continue reading

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Heinrich’s notes from his debate with Michael Roberts

For those seeking a more in depth account of Michael Heinrich’s contribution to his recent debate with Michael Roberts, here is a summary of  Heinrich’s contributions to the discussion with Michael Roberts at the MarxisMuss Conference in Berlin, May 16th, … Continue reading

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