Chris Wright on my thesis

Chris Wright has been extraordinarily gracious in dedicating a series of posts to my thesis on his blog.   I have not had the time to look at them properly, but what I have seen promises to be extremely helpful when I set about turning the thesis into a book.

I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear that I certainly plan on jettisoning the conclusion, which appealed to the standards you are obligated to follow in a phd thesis on the basis of some hasty and slap-dash thinking. I also plan on rejigging the first chapter on Marx so that it highlights his ambiguities and addressing value-theoretic approaches in some capacity — a chapter or two — after my chapters on Lukacs, Adorno and Lefebvre. This will hopefully set up a better conclusion in which I argue that aspects of Marx, Lukacs, Adorno, Lefebvre and VFT should be aligned in some way so that the critique of political economy articulates a critical theory of society.

Unfortunately, after having just completed teaching six classes from scratch over the past year, all these issues have been pushed to the recesses of my mind. I plan on working my way back into them over the summer by finalizing the papers I’ve posted here on Lukacs and crisis, Ranciere, Backhaus/Reichelt and Adorno’s Marxism as well as spinning my Lefebvre chapter off into a journal article. Since I am also set to have much lighter teaching schedule over the coming academic year, with any luck I should also have the time to start on the book when I will certainly give Chris’s comments the time they deserve.




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2 Responses to Chris Wright on my thesis

  1. cominsitu says:

    nice. excited to read more of your stuff. forget those students and judt do it!

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