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Article on Lefebvre and Fetishistic concrete abstraction

Been working on an article on Lefebvre along the lines that follows: Well this is what I’ve been spending July on: While Henri Lefebvre has long been seen as ‘the ‘reign[ing] prophet of alienation’ in Western Marxism,  a number of … Continue reading

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Backhaus Translation Fund

New site for a long overdue effort to translate Backhaus’s seminal work on value-form theory.

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On the possibility that the revolution that will end capitalism might fail to usher in communism

Originally posted on communists in situ:
Marcel Stoetzler, Bangor University, UK The optimism of the left repeats the insidious bourgeois superstition that one should not talk of the devil but look on the bright side. (Adorno, 1978: 114)1 1 In this…

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