Article on Lefebvre and Fetishistic concrete abstraction

Been working on an article on Lefebvre along the lines that follows:

Well this is what I’ve been spending July on:

While Henri Lefebvre has long been seen as ‘the ‘reign[ing] prophet of alienation’ in Western Marxism,  a number of exemplary recent works have provided a more in depth investigation of Lefebvre’s interpretation of Marx, with especial focus on the Lefebvre’s concept of abstract space. While these works indicate the importance the idea of ‘concrete abstraction’ had through out Lefebvre’s work, they do not consider its development and thus refrain from focusing on it as it pertains to his theory of fetishistic social domination as a whole. I do so in the following where I argue that Lefebvre’s idea of ‘concrete’ abstraction consisted in his non-systematic interpretation of  Marx’s critique of political economy  as a theory of social constitution  and fetishistic supraindividual social domination that inverts to dominate, but not entirely determine social life , which provided the basis for a number of Lefebvre’s different attempts to supplement and extend Marx by embodying this conception of domination in lived experience. This article thus aims to build on these recent works by demonstrating the importance this conception of fetishistic concrete abstraction holds through the different iterations of Lefebvre’s theory of domination and in so doing align Lefebvre’s Marxian social theory with a number of recent works on theories of abstract domination in Marx, Adorno, and  Sohn-Rethel.”

Still looking for the right journal to submit it to.

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