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Horkheimer on the Critique of Political Economy

“The critique of political economy comprehends the present form of society. In a purely intellectual construction, the concept of value is derived from the basic concept of the commodity. From this concept of value Marx develops the categories of money … Continue reading

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Clarke on Lukacs

This bit from Simon Clarke’s Marx, Marginalism and Modern Sociology — taken from Amy Kim’s excellent Constellations article ‘The Vicissitudes of Critique: The Decline and Reemergence of the Problem of Capitalism’ — is a good characterization of Lukacs and does … Continue reading

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The Theory of the Form and the Development of Forms: Fetishism, Methodology and Social Theory in New Readings of Marx’

Here is a paper I am looking to revise for publication that compares elements of Ranciere and Backhaus and Reichelt’s new readings of Marx and argues that Heinrich can be said to bring together these elements. Periodefinal  

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Heinrich and Kurz Debate

Taking the liberty of reposting a debate between Robert Kurz, Michael Heinrich, Thomas Ebermann and Joseph Vogl, which was translated by Negpot and originally available on the now sadly defunct Principia Dialectica: “Robert Kurz, Marxian philosopher, journalist and editor of … Continue reading

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Toward a Negative Anthropology

Dennis Johannssen has provided a good overview of the notion of negative anthropology in Adorno and Horkheimer: From its inception, the Frankfurt School was sceptical of the new momentum anthropological thought gained during the Weimar Republic. Although its members were … Continue reading

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Bunyard on Debord

In my book Tom Bunyard is the carefullest and most interesting Debord scholar working today. He has uploaded a number of articles on Debord, temporality, recuperation, and praxis here.

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