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Behavioral Rationality and Instrumental Reason

It seems to me that there is a need for an article or a piece of work that disentangles and articulates the relationship between instrumental rationality and behavioral rationality in Adorno. It seems to me that Habermasian criticisms as well … Continue reading

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Pohrt on National Liberation

Nate at Libcom dug up the following translation of the criminally under translated Wolfgang Pohrt from a defunct blog: From: Wolfgang Pohrt, Linksradikalismus und nationaler Befreiungskampf (1982) , collected in the book Kreisverkehr, Wendepunkt. Über die Wechseljahre der Nation und … Continue reading

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Right of Asylum

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Value and Misery

Interesting to think of the following Horkheimer aphorism as a criticism and corrective to  derivationism:    

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Horkheimer on Social Domination

From “The Little Man and the Philosophy of Freedom in” Dawn in Decline, thanks to the discussion in Abromeit’s book on Horkheimer: “The businessman is subject to laws which neither he nor any power with such a man- date created … Continue reading

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Institutional Critical Theory and Crisis

The following historical irony occurred to me: the tenants that might be said to characterize the development of post-Habermasian critical theory — the complexity and differentiation of social spheres and the importance of a normative standpoint — have made it-ill suited … Continue reading

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Critical Theory and the Critique of Political Economy as a frame.

Building upon the last post, the way that I plan to argue that revisiting the work of Adorno, Lefebvre etc. can help develop the critique of political economy as a critical social theory is by criticizing the Anglophone reception of … Continue reading

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Reconsidering Reconstruction

I have been thinking about the following passage from Werner Bonefeld’s Critical Theory and the Critique of Political Economy for some time: Helmut Reichelt is right when he argues that the time has come to reconsider the purpose of reconstruction, … Continue reading

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Fail again, Fail Better: Reification, Critical Theory and Crisis

I spent part of my summer on the following, which tries to provide contemporary critical theory with a notion of crisis by drawing on and developing the Marxian strand of Lukacs’ theory of reification. In so doing, I thought I … Continue reading

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