Reconsidering Reconstruction

I have been thinking about the following passage from Werner Bonefeld’s Critical Theory and the Critique of Political Economy for some time:

Helmut Reichelt is right when he argues that the time has come to reconsider the purpose of reconstruction, moving it on from an attempt at finding the veritable Marx to the development of the critical themes and insights that the new reading of Marx has established as fundamental to the critique of ‘the monstrous objective power’ of economic things.

I think its quite important and given me a new way of looking at my ‘work.’ For whilst the pioneering work of the New Reading made the insufficiencies of ‘Traditional Marxism’ abundantly clear, you might say with some exaggeration, that such a distinction and the call to reconstruct a new Marx lead the New Reading to bite of more than it could chew. Not only did it become clear that the esoteric Marx was incomplete, but the enormous projects people like Postone set out for themselves likewise remain incomplete.  Yet, as Bonefeld indicates, the critical themes and insights in such a new reading are invaluable and it seems to me that one way to develop them is to re-read and adapt the complementary aspects of traditional Marxists such as Adorno, Lefebvre etc. in order to further develop the critique of political economy as a critical social theory from the perspective of the new reading.

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