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Clarke on Habermas

Reckon Clarke is spot on in his analysis of Habermas, in Marx, Marginalism and Modern Sociology, if not Adorno and Horkheimer (in their case he makes the unfortunate move of not only focusing on the Weberian aspects of DofE, but … Continue reading

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Stefan Breuer, Adorno’s Anthropology

Anniversary commemorations are ambivalent events, particularly when they celebrate philosophers. Such commemorations focus on a life’s work and occasionally contribute to its elucidation. However, they frequently do violence to those they intend to honor, by emphasizing primarily those aspects of … Continue reading

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The Obsolescence of Humanity

Looks like somebody is working on a long overdue translation of Gunther Anders The Obsolescence of Humanity: Exactly half a century ago, in the year 1906, my father William Stern, at the time about twenty years younger and generations more … Continue reading

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Tomba on Dialectic of Enlightenment

Massimiliano Tomba’s excellent “Adorno’s Account of the Anthropological Crisis and the New Type of Human” has the following discussion of Dialectic of Enlightenment which I think provides of very cogent statement of how it should be read in contrast to … Continue reading

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Future Projects: a history of Open Marxism and the CSE Debates.

At some point, I would like to write a history of the CSE Value and State Debates as well as a history of Open Marxism. I dunno if these would be separate or part of a larger project. Either way, … Continue reading

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Stefan Breuer, ‘The Long Friendship: Theoretical Differences Between Horkheimer and Adorno.’

Breuer’s seminal essay on the important differences between Horkheimer and Adorno That critical theory is not a unity has long been known. The differ­ ences between early critical theory and Horkheimer’s and Adorno’s work from Dialectic ofEnlightenment onward have recendy … Continue reading

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Critical Transdisciplinary Research Network

Heathwood Press, which publishes the writings of Clarke, Gunn, Wilding and others, is organizing a Critical Transdisciplinary Research Network. Give at go, if ya fancy.

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Dead Dogs Never Die: Hegel and Marx

Frank Engster and Eric John Russell have edited what looks to be a fantastic special issue of Revista Opinião Filosófica on the Hegel Marx collection with contributions from Arthur, Moseley, Jameson, Lange, Schmidt and what might be the first English … Continue reading

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Alfred Schmidt on Henri Lefebvre and Contemporary Interpretations of Marxism

The English translation of the German afterword to Lefebvre’s Dialectical Materialism (which Schmidt translated) bookscancenter-1

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