The Obsolescence of Humanity

Looks like somebody is working on a long overdue translation of Gunther Anders The Obsolescence of Humanity:

Exactly half a century ago, in the year 1906, my father William Stern, at the time about twenty years younger and generations more confident than his son today, published the first volume of his work “Person and Thing”. Only with difficulty could he be robbed of the hope of rescuing the “person” by means of the struggle against an impersonal psychology. His personal benevolence and the optimism of the time to which he belonged prevented him for many years from realizing that that which made the “person” into a “thing” was not the scientific treatment of the former, but rather the factual treatment of human beings by human beings. When overnight those who held humanity in contempt stripped him of honor and hunted him, he was not spared this gram of better insight into a worse world.

These sorrowful pages about the devastation of humanity are written in remembrance of him, who ineradicably planted the concept of human dignity with his son.

Follow it here.

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