Critical Theory and Trump

There have been many hot takes in the aftermath of Trump’s election. Although I reckon many people are overdoing it historical parallels when it would be more helpful to admit one of the most terrifying things about all of this is that we have no fucking idea what will happen,  I reckon the following recent work in critical theory is quite useful in getting to grips with what happened and with what might lie ahead.

G.M. Tamas’s notion of Post-Fascism:

What is Post-Fascism?

Once More on Post-Fascism

Critical-Theoretical notions of Authoritarianism:

Peter Gordon, The Authoritarian Personality Revisited: Reading Adorno in the Age of Trump.

John Abromeit, Critical Theory and the Persistence of Right Wing Populism

Critical-Theoretical notions of Personalisation and Abjectification:

Werner Bonefeld, Anti-Capitalism and the Elements of Antisemitism: On Theology and Real Abstractions (Chapter 9 in Critical Theory and the Critique of Political Economy)

That being said I haven’t come across anything that addresses Trump and Trumpisms rampant misogyny from a critical-theoretical perspective.



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2 Responses to Critical Theory and Trump

  1. I have been following your blog for some time and always enjoy its crisp writing and help with keeping up with the movements of theory, and in this as, practice that is coming to get us!

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