Back in Crap (Times)

Whether or not neoliberalism is in crisis, whether or not we in the Anthropocene, whether or not we are in the coronacene, shit really sucks right now. Nevertheless, I have loads of writing commitments that I must complete over the next year. Since this blog helped me think through my thesis, I thought I would try to revive it to think through these linked writing projects.

I thought I would begin by providing a broad overview of these projects (I will save the specifics for future posts).

  1. Right now I am writing a chapter on domination in Marx.
  2. Then I am going to write three related chapters for a book – on economics, social reproduction, (co-authored) and crisis — that draws on and further develops Marx and Adorno.
  3. Then I am going to write a chapter critiquing Polanyi and neo-Polanyian state theory.
  4. Finally, once all the decks are cleared, I am going to write a book that develops my thesis. This book is long overdue, but after working my way through the proceeding material I will finally be ready to write it in a revised and expanded form. (You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that prepping 17 classes in 6 different disciplines in 6 years at 4 different institutions will not only get in the way of writing a book, but will also get you away from the material the book is focused on. Luckily, my situation has changed, but I need to re-immerse myself in the material and I think this is the best way to do it)

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