Critical Theory and the Critique of Society

I should also mention that I edit a critical theory book series with Werner Bonefeld for Bloomsbury Academic Press.

“In a time marked by crises and the rise of right-wing authoritarian populism, Critical Theory and the Critique of Society intends to renew the critical theory of capitalist society exemplified by the Frankfurt School and critical Marxism’s critiques of social domination, authoritarianism, and social regression by expounding the development of such a notion of critical theory, from its founding thinkers, through its subterranean and parallel strands of development, to its contemporary formulations.”

We have published two books so far

Mathias Nilges, Right-Wing Culture in Contemporary Capitalism: Regression and Hope in a Time Without Future

Charles Prusik, Adorno and Neoliberalism: The Critique of Exchange Society.

And we have a number of excellent books forthcoming.

See here for more information.

Get in touch if you would like to propose a book for the series.

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