Social Domination in Marx

I’m working on a chapter on the concept of domination in Marx. It’s something I have thought about for quite a long time. More importantly, I continue to find it interesting and develop new perspectives on the topic. Some years ago, when I was still working on my phd, I would have approached the topic by honing in on the texts and developing an approach that is different than the other approaches. (come to think of it, I actually did that in my thesis). Now i’m more interesting in further developing what I find to be the most interesting approach to Marx’s theory of domination, which conceives of it as a theory of social domination. Yet the approach i’m taking doesn’t just build on Postone by saying he focused on impersonal domination, but what about the persons in impersonal domination? Rather it differs from Postone etc. It does not focus on reconstructing the critique of political economy but in thinking about how the critique of political economy consists in a critical theory of society and which prevalent traditional theories such a critique might be aimed at. The chapter does this by detourning the famous Lenin quote that paraphrased Kautsky (and Engels). Rather than seeing Marx as the completion of German Idealism, English Political Economy, and French Socialism, I interpret him as a critic and his critique of political economy as comprising a critique of their notions of modern society realizing, by demonstrating that is realizes unfreedom. Hence the critique of political economy as a critical social theory of domination. Undoubtedly a lot to focus on, but what I think is an illuminating perspective that adds to important work.

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