I started this blog for the writing up of my PhD thesis. I continue to occasionally use it to discuss topics pertaining to my thesis, to my research, and to critical theory or marxian theory in general.

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  1. mark says:

    hi, this all sounds really interesting, as do your points in the ‘towards the value-form…trifecta’ post. looking forward to reading more… i am writing across some similar ideas, though looking more at the value-form theorists and the operaisti, and the problems with where some of the operaisti are these days. where are you based?

    • HR says:

      Thanks, Mark.

      I am in Brighton, UK. How about yourself?

      Your work also sounds interesting. I haven’t read much of the operaisti stuff but I suppose you could say Open Marxism consisted in some sort of a trifecta of value theory, critical theory and autonomism. Who are you looking at specifically?

      • mark says:

        I am in Sydney, Australia.
        I agree about Open Marxism covering some of this, definitely. My stuff is primarily a critique of the post-operaisti, (broadly but obviously including Negri, Marazzi, Lazzarato, Bifo, Virno etc) and the impasse they have reached, not only but partly through dubious understandings of value and their arguments on immaterial/biopolitical production and so on. But whilst I am critiquing this, I am also trying to retain some of the more classically compositionist perspectives of the earlier operaisti, and attempting to link this to some of the value-form stuff… On the other hand, it seems that the operaisti have always had a pretty poor understanding of value and Marx on abstract labour, and this may on some level be an irredeemable element in their work…

      • HR says:

        That’s seems really interesting. From my limited experience–a paper saw by Bifo on his The Soul at Work: From Alienation to Autonomy– I also know what you mean about the dubious understanding of value leading to questionable theories.

        Funny anecdote about how some of this might relate to value. When Bonefeld came and gave a paper at Sussex a few months we queried him about open marxism. I thought his response was fair and insightful. He said that they were generally too optimistic and relied to heavily on words that had two g’s in them like struggle.

      • Ross Wolfe says:

        Mark is right that most of the Italian autonomists have very little in the way of an understanding of value-theory, or half-understand it to the extent they have to in order to spin their rather strange theories. Have either of you guys heard of Internationalist Perspective, though? They try to combine Italian/Greek autonomism with German value-critique. They had a major feud with the Greek communization group Blaumachen a while ago.

  2. mark says:

    Hi Ross, I hadn’t actually, sounds useful. Will have a look now. Thanks.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Interesting weblog you have. I plan on pursuing an MA in a humanities field a couple years from now and after that I’ll see about considering pursuit of a PhD. Good stuff–I’ll be reading.

  4. fair question? says:

    you don’t say why you’re doing the phd

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