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Contextualizing marxist-humanism.

Does anyone know of any historical work on marxist-humanism that tries to provide a social explanation for its development. What I mean by this is rather than providing the sort of explanation you often find for its development in relation … Continue reading

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Adorno’s Critique of Alienation.

A good paper or article can be written on Adorno’s criticism of The Young Marx, alienation and Marxist humanism. While Adorno is often put in this camp alongside his fellow Frankfurter’s Marcuse and Fromm and others who use Marx’s theory … Continue reading

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Lit Review Pet Peeves Continued

Behold the flourishing of the absurd statement that Lukacs discovered Marx’s theory of alienation in his theory of commodity fetishism: Inspired by Simmel, Lukacs deduces and rediscovers the theory of alienation of labour from the theory of commodity fetishism. As … Continue reading

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Lit Review Pet Peeves

Stuck into my literature review where I am trying to construct some workable typologies for different interpretations of fetishism. So far I have: fetishism as false consciousness, fetishism as reification, fetishism as alienation and value-form interpretations of fetishism. In the … Continue reading

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